Our books are available as ebooks on Gumroad. Links to the versions (MOBI for Kindle and EPUB for other readers) are below. Please note: the ebook includes a cover, but a bug on Kindles won’t allow the cover to display. This is because Amazon searches for the cover on its own servers and refuses to use the cover provided. You can read more about this at the Calibre website, here.

Bread Science, $7
MOBI file: https://gum.co/BreadScienceMOBI
EPUB file: https://gum.co/BreadScienceEPUB

Somewhere and Nowhere, $3
MOBI file: https://gum.co/SN2
EPUB file: https://gum.co/SN1

View all of our ebooks, including some free how-to guides, at https://gumroad.com/emilybuehler.

The Bread Science ebook has the same content as the print book. I reformatted it to fit e-readers (e.g., placing images inline and moving captions and footnotes into the text) and altered it as necessary (e.g., “as shown on page 8” might become “as shown below” or “as shown in section 1.7). I replaced (meaningless) page numbers with section numbers. You can read more about how I converted the book here: http://emilybuehler.com/2017/how-to-self-publish-an-ebook/

I added links to make navigation easier. There are links from the Table of Contents to each section as well as links back to the chapter head or TOC at the end of each section. The index is linked as well. (Please note that links are not supported on all e-readers.)

If you encounter any problems with the book, please let me know! I don’t use an e-reader and was only able to test the book using apps on my computer.

Our ebooks are also available at these retailers:

Bread Sciencehttps://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/bread-science

Bread Science: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R0LGAKQ#
Somewhere and Nowhere:

(more coming soon)

A note about price: I raised the price of Bread Science at Gumroad from $5 to $7 to match the price at Amazon, because I found out that Amazon demands it have the lowest price. I would rather charge $5 to people who buy from me, but at this time, most of my sales occur through Amazon, so I don’t want to break their rules. (I don’t want to charge less at Amazon because they take about half of each sale, because of my book’s size.)